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Work in the warehouse can be made easier by using special equipment,
such as forklift trucks. In order to operate some forklifts, it is necessary to have a licence. Do you want to work as a forklift operator? Sign up for a forklift course at the Lektor Training Centre. After the training course, you will gain knowledge in the operation of forklift trucks.

What will you learn from our courses?

The former is forklift trucks, excluding specialised ones.  Students are taught to operate forklift trucks with any drive. Classes are divided into three blocks:

The theoretical part – during lectures, students learn about the types and construction of forklift trucks and how to safely use a forklift truck (what actions should be taken before and after work),
learning and working with exam tests. Rules for completing the tests, principles of assessment and learning. As the ONLY training centre in Poland, we have introduced an original learning programme for our trainees, equipped with a key tool for checking their knowledge and assessing their performance.
The Practical part – under the supervision of an experienced instructor, students wishing to obtain a forklift licence learn how to correctly use the
the machine.

Each forklift course we organise is taught by experienced lecturers, who are able to pass on their knowledge in an accessible manner. In addition, the classes are taught with a view to the future exam – all the most important issues are discussed in detail.
What is important to know about the forklift truck course examination?

Those who complete the forklift truck course are well prepared for the examination held by a board selected by the Office of Technical Inspection. If you pass the examination, you will be certified as a forklift driver. The certificate is issued for a period of 10 years ( according to national regulations). Before the end of the validity period of the authorisations, the operator applies to the
before the end of the validity period, the operator applies to the Office of Technical Inspection, on the basis of which the licence is renewed for another 10 years.
We train in various systems

If you want to become a forklift operator, take advantage of our offer. To meet the different needs of our trainees, we organise day courses, evening courses and online training. For organised groups and company companies, we prepare a personalised offer according to the demand.

Forklift truck course prices

The current forklift course price is shown above. In addition to the price of the course, a fee must be added for the issuing of the licence. Those who take advantage of our offer do not pay extra for course materials – these are included in the cost of the forklift course. An additional FREE tool is access to a training platform with a whole database of examination questions worth 500 PLN and reports
The training platform includes a database of exam questions valued at PLN 500 as well as learning progress reports for companies which send their employees for training.

Uczestnikiem kursu może zostać osoba, która:
  • jest pełnoletnia (ukończone 18 lat),
  • posiada co najmniej wykształcenie podstawowe,
  • prawo jazdy kategorii B, w przypadku posiadania prawa jazdy C kursant ma możliwość poruszania się dźwigiem po drogach publicznych.

Cena kursu:



*The cost of the examination fee, including the issuing of qualifications, of PLN 250 must be added to the price.

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The price of the training includes the cost of teaching materials, theoretical and practical classes and a training platform for the exam.The price includes translation assistance for the UDT exam.
We organise the training for a group of min. 5 persons.

The course is taught by experienced lecturers and instructors who discuss the problems of forklift trucks in accessible terms. An advantage of the practical classes held in our company is the modern equipment with which our trainees learn. As a result, they can start working without any problems immediately after passing the exam.

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